Open Innovation

The OpenINN project intends to compare and develop curriculums and education. The project also aims to consolidate the European innovation research in the framework of Open Innovation.

The objective of the project is to facilitate European co-operation by outlining and exchanging the up to date concepts, and best practices in Open Innovation education, and to identify the needs, challenges, and obstacles of public and private sector in the exploitation of Open Innovation. Exchange and dissemination of best practices will lead to effective development of education but also finding new policies and developing the governance in HEIs.

In addition to the general development of education, one of the project aims is to collaborate in creating a course about Open Innovation based on innovation research. All the project participants would participate by writing material and case studies for the course and producing case material for teaching. The educational material and case library would be open through OpenINN website to all the partners. This would facilitate the high-level innovation research to educational purposes for the use of the network.

OpenINN will organize annual international conferences and workshops in the thematic area of the network, and publishes the latest results in the OpenINN website and in journal publications.

For further details please follow the link below:
OI-net - Open Innovation network